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A Rimorius is a horse harness-master. In the museum you will find an exposition presenting the art of harness making and learn about this unique, endangered craft up close. The museum also has a collection of carriages and sleighs.

Rimorystės muziejus. Ekspozicija (karieta)
Rimorystės muziejus

About the museum

Kazimieras Skučas, a pastor in Veiveriai for many years, has cherished his love of horses and the craft of harness-making all his life. This passion of the pastor’s life became the basis for the establishment in 2006 of the Rimorystes Museum in a barn belonging to the Veiveriai church. This museum of various saddles, carriages, sleighs, horse implements, harnesses and tools for their production is the only one of its kind in the country, and harness-maker Kazimieras Skučas is one of the last masters of this craft.

The museum was moved to a new building in 2020. Its construction was financed by Milda Skučas Napjus, a relative of Kazimieras Skučas, while the staff of the Lithuanian National Museum contributed to the creation of the exposition. The complete collection of Kazimieras Skučas is exhibited in the new premises of the museum, as well as photos from the collection of ethnographic iconography depicting vehicles, horse-harnessing methods and decorations common in various regions of Lithuania.

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Rimorystes Museum

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